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Fists in Solidarity

About Us

Canada Welcome Hub is a Canadian not-for-profit corporation that seeks to accelerate the integration and maximize the contribution and success of immigrant professionals in Canada, by acting as a hub that connects them to the ecosystem of organizations that aim to serve them, and as a catalyst for cross-pollination and innovation.

We do this by creating programs and services for the dozens of networks of immigrant professionals that constitute our membership. These networks are grass-roots associations, non-soliciting not-for-profit organizations, led and run by volunteers inspired and powered by the spirit of Canada: to welcome newcomers and assist neighbours.

At Canada Welcome Hub, our work is to support and leverage those efforts by sharing resources, reducing duplication, and adding capabilities that would otherwise be beyond their reach. And we are grateful to the organizations that provide the funding and support to make it all possible.

Paying it forward is not an act, it's a mindset

Our Mission

Our Mission

To help make Canada a global example of the economic and societal benefits of embracing human migrations

Why is this important?

Human migrations, which have occurred from time immemorial, used to take tens or hundreds of years, giving people and societies the time to gradually adapt and absorb changes, albeit not always willingly.


Over the last century, technological advances in transportation and communications, and the consequent globalization of our economies, have shortened the time it takes for the movement of goods, people and ideas. This has created great benefits, but it has also increased the potential for disruption and conflict, as changes that used to take generations now take months or a few years, and it has exposed underlying currents of discrimination, inequality and intolerance.


It is in this context that the world will have to face great challenges over the next 100 years. Climate change will cause major economic disruptions and add to geo-political conflict, resulting in an increase in the volume and frequency of migrations. Yet, as we see existential challenges arise, we will also witness new opportunities.


We believe that Canada is uniquely positioned to lead the response to those challenges and to benefit from those opportunities. And we hereby step forward to do our part.

Image by Anete Lūsiņa
Meeting of volunteers

How we Help

Volunteer-run associations of immigrant professionals are an extremely valuable part of the ecosystem, as they provide the person-to-person support for newcomers, in the form of networking, orientation, mentoring and confidence-building, both at a personal and professional level.

And we know from experience that most associations offer similar programs and face similar challenges, resulting at best in a huge amount of duplicate effort; and at worst in services not being offered for lack of scale or capacity at the individual association level.

By empowering our Member associations and building up their capacity, we can greatly leverage the efforts of their volunteers to accelerate the integration and increase the yield of professionals immigrating to Canada.

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